I enjoy collaborating with others. I am grateful for client reviews, testimonials and new opportunities. Contact me. Work with me.

One day I was working on a book about the industrial Internet for developers. I was struggling to explain the difference between the worlds of IT and the operational technology world of traditional manufacturing. Googling that dilemma I hit upon an article called “Come Together Right Now, OT/IT.” The author, Karen Queen, had me rapt as she described the differences between these worlds and what’s at stake in getting them to work together in the industrial Internet of Things.

I reached out to her and she quickly reached back. And in this way I found my coauthor for the book. Karen collaborated with me under insane and immovable deadlines, even  working on weekends when necessary to meet a demanding schedule for print publication.

I give Karen my highest recommendation, both as a writer and as a collaborator. I hope to work with her on many other projects.

Deb Cameron

Managing editor, Evolved Media

I have worked with Karen for years on a variety of projects, including long- and short-form interview- and research-based articles, quick-turn ad and headline creation for a major healthcare campaign, and an ongoing long-term assignment with a leading newspaper. She is consistent, reliable, professional, and personable, putting clients at ease and going above and beyond to deliver excellence in every situation. Karen is awesome! I try to convince her to do every project that comes through because she is my favorite!

Christiana Worth

Account manager, RR Donnelly

I truly enjoyed working with Karen. Attitude is everything, and she has it in spades. She is smart, has great ideas and knows how to execute them. If she has no prior experience with a subject, she works hard to get up to speed. She handles revisions with grace, and she comes up with ideas for solving problems, which makes her a great collaborator. She’s a real pleasure to work with, and I’d be delighted to work with her again.

Yasmin Ghahremani

Senior editor, credit cards, Wise Bread and former managing editor at CreditCards.com

Karen is among the finest reporters with whom I have worked. I save the most complex assignments for her: No subject is too complex for Karen. She keeps in close contact when necessary, and she consistently demonstrates the flexibility needed for any daily news publication focused intently on enterprise news. She delivers without fail the delicate mix of clarity, brevity and precision I seek from my top guns.

Brett Brune

Editor of Smart Manufacturing and former editor of SmartGridToday.com

Karen was always extremely detail-oriented, punctual about deadlines, open to editing suggestions, and in general a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any assignment or position.

Dan Richman

Former editor of SmartGridToday.com

I find Karen Queen’s work to be consistently reliable, readable and insightful.

Larry Lipman

Executive Editor for State News, AARP Bulletin